We raise sheep—primarily Montadale, Corriedale and Columbia breeds. These breeds differ from the majority of those raised in the eastern United States in that emphasis was placed on wool quality during their development. The wool is of a longer staple length, making the yarn stronger because of the increased overlapping of fibers. Because the fleece has a higher lustre, the yarn does also.

Most of our yarns are custom spun at Harrisville, New Hampshire, using the woolen method of spinning.

No dye is used in the sheeps browns and sheeps grey yarns. The five natural colors are achieved by blending dark fleeces with white during the carding process. Except for the heaviest weights, the yarns are available in both cones and skeins. We do not recommend that knitters mix cones and skeins because the different tensions will cause the gauge to alter at the point of transition.

Weavers should be aware that the yarns swell substantially when washed and therefore room should be left in the sett and beat to allow the yarn to bloom when fulled.